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Eleonora Baio

UKCC Level 3 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach

Rhythmic Excellence Head Coach

Eleonora moved to London in 2014 after having concluded her job as head coach at the club Gruppo Coreografico Stelline that she started as an assistant in 2008. As a gymnast she trained in Italy with Arianna Pittoni, Barbara Bernardo and Monica Visintin (former Italian National Team gymnast) at the club Societa' ginnastica Triestina (one of the most prestigious multi sports society with more than 100 years of activity). At the age of 11, Eleonora entered a Slovenian school as part of the Squad team of Olga Pavletic and Branka Vajngerl (Olympic Slovenian Brevet Judge). As a coach, she has attended countless courses, workshops and masterclasses, having the privilege to be taught by Maura Rota, Luca Zanforlini, Stefan Ivanov and Ruben Orihuela Gavilan and now she keeps up to date by attending all the GBR and English national squad training camps led by Maria Gateva (former Bulgarian champion) and ballet coach Suzanne Haslam. Eleonora is currently part of the GBR academy coaching team.

Stefano Sirianni

UKCC Level 2 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach

GBR Brevet Judge cat 4

British Gymnastics Technical committee Member

Ballet Teacher

Fun and experienced ballet and modern dance teacher to students of all skill levels and ages. Versatile and ambitious in a variety of dance idioms as a teacher, performer and choreographer. Stefano studied with world-renowned masters such as: Marianna Benedetti, Sveva Berti, Silvia Chirico, Mauro Bigonzetti, Eugenio Scigliano, Simonetta Ginnassi, Eugenio Buratti, Deanna Losi. Six years working experience in London working as ballet teacher and choreographer for rhythmic gymnastic training. In 2013 Stefano qualified as a rhythmic gymnastic level 3 judge. Stefano is currently attending the UKCC level 3 coaching course.

Saffron Severn

UKCC Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach - Currently attending the UKCC Level 2

Saffron, our former national team gymnast for GBR and ENG, proudly represented her country in significant competitions, notably participating in the 1st Junior World Championships in Moscow in 2019 and shining at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 (Team Bronze Medallist)

She holds the prestigious titles of the 2019 GBR national champion and earned a remarkable CWG bronze medal.

Between 2018 and 2022, Saffron consistently showcased her talent on the international stage, representing both GBR and ENG across numerous events. She was also selected for 3 World Cups, unfortunately impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, leading to their cancellation.


Alisija Dabasinskaite

UKCC Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach - Currently attending the UKCC Level 2

Level 1 Judge

I started rhythmic gymnastics in Lithuania from 4 years old and for 13 years I was competing professionally. I am a national Lithuanian and international competition winner and prize winner (in countries like Russia, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Luxembourg and others), as well during my stay in France (2019), I was qualified for the final French Rhythmic Gymnastics championships. I had many summer training sessions with famous names in rhythmic gymnastics: Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Kanaeva (Russia) & others. I like to work as a part of a team, able to communicate with gymnasts and other members of staff, able to motivate and assist gymnasts to develop new skills and share my knowledge safely.


Johana Wichterlov√°


Johana is currently attending the UKCC Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics coaching course.


Francesca Cavallerio

Sports Psychologist

UKCC Level 3 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach

National Judge

Level 3 rhythmic gymnastics coach and national judge, Francesca started her career as a gymnast at 4 in her hometown in Italy. Although gymnastics was always her passion, it was when she started to assist her coach that she realised that what she loved the most was coaching rhythmic gymnastics and be able to pass on her love for the sport to younger girls. Francesca has been coaching since 2001 and in 2005 she opened her own gymnastics club in Italy, S.G. Concordia. After many years working as head coach and developing gymnasts who competed at a regional and national level, Francesca decided to expand her horizons and, following her studies in Psychology in Turin, moved to London to do an MSc in Sports Psychology. The MSc turned into a PhD, during which Francesca studied and observed the environment of rhythmic gymnastics from a more academic perspective. Having completed her PhD in 2016, Francesca currently is a lecturer in Sports Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University but continues to nurture her passion for gymnastics through her role as a national judge, occasionally coaching, and helping gymnasts develop their love and experience in gymnastics in a positive and healthy way as a sports psychologist.

Renata Van Tonder

Regional Judge


Irena Dziewiecka

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer All our staff members are DBS checked and are currently registered to the BG.