2020 - Spring London Championships

01 March, 2020

Well done to all our gymnasts that competed at the London Championships:

Level 3

Jessica 1st Free 1st Rope (U9) 🥇🥇

Vasilisa 11th Free 5th Rope (U10)

Emilia 6th Clubs 2nd Ribbon (Junior) 🥈

Level 4

Elizabeth L. 4th Free 3rd Rope (U10) 🥉

Adriana 8th Clubs 8th Hoop (U12)

Rebecca 4th Ribbon 6th Clubs (Junior)

Livia 10th Ribbon 5th Clubs (Junior)

Sandra 5th Rope 12th Clubs (Junior)

Dana 1st Rope 11th Clubs (Junior)🥇

Elena 7th Ribbon 8th Clubs (Junior)

Elizabeth P. 6th Ribbon 7th Clubs (Junior)

Akari 8th Ribbon (Junior)

Level 5

Leyla 1st Ribbon 2nd Rope 4th Clubs (Junior)🥇🥈

Saffron 1st Hoop 1st Ball 1st Clubs Miss Dance (Senior)🥇🥇🥇🎗

Level 1/2

Yoana 1st Ribbon (Senior)🥇

Kinga 3rd Ball (Senior)🥉

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