Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Courses

Please find all our Recreational courses below:

  • RG Baby group (4 to 6 years old)
  • RG recreational (6 to 12 years old)
  • General gymnastics recreational (6 to 12 years old)

Our recreational gymnastics programme is designed to engage children age 4 and over in gymnastics in a fun, friendly and developmental way.

The aspiration is to develop your child's physical literacy through gymnastics. During our training children will develop their confidence and motivation for sport and physical activity, as well as their physical movement skills, coordination, flexibility, strength, stamina and acrobatics. Whether they choose to continue with rhythmic gymnastics or will decide to pursue another sport, their experience during the programme will provide them with an excellent basis for progression into an active and healthy lifestyle.

Who is this programme for?

Everybody who wishes to participate, no matter the age or level of gymnastic experience.

We will teach the fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics and ensure that children develop confidence in using gymnastics hand-held apparatus safely before moving to more challenging exercises.

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Picture by Dan Pickard