2021 RE Series - Match 2

08 June, 2021

Great improvements shown by our squad gymnasts!

The 3 teams have performed all the 6 routines (free, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon) each and have shown important improvements!

Dana's team (Team Yellow) has won the second match too with a total of 52.800 points. Well done to all the gymnasts: Dana (ribbon), Adriana (rope and clubs), Rhiann (free and hoop) and Emilia (ball).

Leyla's team (Team Blue) has suffered the absence of Rebecca again but could count on the captain's performances (routines simplified and without BDs to avoid slowing down Leyla's rehabilitation) but has still performed well earning the best score on hoop! The total score for the team is 49.6, well done to the gymnasts: Miya (free and clubs), Elizabeth P. (rope and ball) and Leyla (hoop and ribbon)

Saffron's team (Team Red) has won the bronze medal with a total of 47.8 points (very impressive as the team still can't count on the captain's performance). Well done to all the gymnasts: Elizabeth (rope and ribbon), Amane (hoop and clubs and second and third best scores of the day) and Pola (free and ball).

Current ranking after 2 rounds:

1st - Dana's Team 12 points

2nd - Saffron's & Leyla's Teams 6 points

Thanks to all our judges: Rebecca Bunce (D3/4), Stefano Sirianni (A), Eleonora Baio (B1/2) and Joanna Chudzik (E).

Looking forward for the last match on Friday 10th June.

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