2021 RE Series - Match 3 Final

11 June, 2021

Great final round of the RE Series 2021!

The 3 teams have performed all the 6 routines (free, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon) each and have shown important improvements!

Leyla's team (Team Blue) has won the last round with a total score of 68.4 points. The team was finally complete with all the members performing and has performed 6 quite good routines (still with the captain's performances' simplified and without BDs to avoid slowing down Leyla's rehabilitation). Well done to the gymnasts: Miya (free), Elizabeth P. (rope and clubs) Rebecca (ball) and Leyla (hoop and ribbon).

Dana's team (Team Yellow) finished second with a total score of 59.400 points. Well done to all the gymnasts: Dana (ribbon), Adriana (rope and hoop), Rhiann (free) and Emilia (ball and clubs).

Saffron's team (Team Red) has won the bronze medal with a total score of 56 points (way higher than the previous rounds and still without the support of the captain's performance). Well done to all the gymnasts: Elizabeth (rope and ribbon), Amane (hoop and clubs) and Pola (free and ball).

Final ranking after 3 rounds:

1st - Dana's Team 16 points

2nd - Leyla's Teams 12 points

3rd - Saffron's Team 8 points

Thanks to all our judges: Rebecca Bunce (A), Stefano Sirianni (D3/4), Eleonora Baio (B1/2) and Joanna Chudzik (E).

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