British Championships 2022

22 May, 2022

Amazing results from all our gymnasts at the most important national event of the season:

  • In the junior category, Rhiann performs fantastic routines qualifying for 2 finals and finishing 8th AA, huge congratulations!
  • In the senior category, Saffron, just back from a two months stop due to an important injury, qualifies for all finals and finish 4th AA, incredible result!
  • In the senior group category, our gymnasts earn another PB and would rank 2nd AA, 2nd and 3rd in finals (but are unfortunately allow to compete as guests only as not all the members hold a British passport)

Well done to all our coaches, gymnasts and judges, we couldn't be prouder!

Lasts but not least, a huge good luck to Leyla for the quickest recovery and the best of luck to Amane who will now stop her career to focus on her study and leave the UK.

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Our senior group Adriana, Amane, Emilia, Elizabeth and Dana

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