Grades 2019

14 April, 2019

Well done to all our beautiful gymnasts who successfully attended Grades 2019. Thank you Stefano and Evgeniya for judging and Eleonora and Francesca for coaching.
Thanks to all the families for the support and to CCRGC for organising such an impeccable event.

Saffron 2º AA, 2º ribbon, 3º ball, 3º clubs - Grade 9
Dana 3º ribbon, 1º rope, 6º AA - Grade 8
Adriana 2º clubs, 6º AA - Grade 6
Elizabeth 6º AA - Grade 4
Sandra 5º AA - Grade 8
Livia 9º AA - Grade 8
Akari 9º AA - Grade 9
Vasilisa 15º AA - Grade 4