International Spring Cup 2018

05 May, 2018

Well done to all our gymnasts that have attended the international London Spring Cup last weekend.

Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning 3 medals out of 3 (2 bronzes and 1 silver) in the highest level presenting her brand new free routine.

Well done to Sandra who got 4′ in the AA in the highest level too.

Super congratulations to Nastia for winning the *Artistic Prize*

Well done to Aurelia, Sofia, Adriana, Anastasia, Ema, Kaela, Dana, Akari and Livia for improving all their scores from Grades and Sabrina for competing in B category with clubs and ribbon.

Last but not the least, we want to welcome back Saffron who has started training after few weeks of stop due to an injury she’s now healed from.

Saffron has again been invited to the GBR National Junior Squad! Congratulations to her!!!!


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