Junior Open Championship and Group Seeding 2019

23 March, 2019

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to: Our Espoir group which qualified to Level 4 and to the English Championship at their first ever time! Captain Adriana, Vasilisa, Tehila, Alina and Kaela, Dana who got 5th in rope and 7th in ribbon at her very first national competition, Livia who got her best score ever for her ball routine at her very first national competition, Sandra who performed 3 very strong routines and Saffron for winning with rope and getting 2nd in clubs and 3rd in ribbon after attending the first world championship selection the night before.

More picture here

Sandra, Saffron, Dana and Livia, Vasilisa, Adriana, Kaela, Tehila and Alina

Saffron and Dana

Saffron national champion in rope

Dana 5th in rope

Adriana, Vasilisa, Alina, Tehila and Kaela




A big thanks to Alina for the amazing pictures!!!!