2020 Last training of the year, CT, Matches and Season 2020/2021 Squad gymnasts' presentation

04 January, 2021

Our gymnasts have spent a fun and challenging last training day. Our squad girls have performed their new season routines live on zoom:

  1. Dana - ball
  2. Adriana - clubs
  3. Miya - ball
  4. Elizabeth L - ribbon
  5. Pola - ball
  6. Rebecca - ball
  7. Leyla - hoop
  8. Amane - ball
  9. Elizabeth P - ball

Absents Jessica, Emilia and Saffron


The matches have been won by Leyla's team, well done to all the competitors!

Dana, Leyla, Amane, Adriana and Miya

Saffron, Rebecca, Elizabeth P, Pola and Elizabeth L


We have presented our squad gymnasts for the season 2020/2021:

Pre Espoir - Jessica Collins
Espoirs - Elizabeth Lypchuk, Miya Caviglia, Pola Blyszczynska
Juniors - Adriana Lyshak, Elizabeth Pask, Amane Tanaka, Dana Zigadlo, Rebecca Yianni
Senior - Emilia Fleszar, Leyla Yilmaz, Saffron Severn