North London Cup 2019

07 April, 2019

Well done to all our gymnasts that competed at the 1st North London Cup.

Great results just a week before Grades which make us hope the preparation is almost complete and girls will be able to perform at their best.

Thank you to Stefano and Francesca for judging and Eleonora and Veronica for coaching.

A big THANK YOU to HENDON gymnastics clubs for inviting us!

Elizabeth U10 L3 - 1st in free and 1st in rope
Vasilisa U10 L3 - 3rd in free and 3rd in rope
Adriana U12 L3 - 1st in rope and 1st in clubs
Kaela U12 L3 - 4th in free
Dana Junior L4 - 2nd in ribbon, 2nd in clubs and 3rd in ball
Akari Junior L4 - 2nd in ball, 3rd in ribbon and 8th in clubs
Sandra Junior L4 - 4th in ribbon, 5th in ball and 6th in clubs
Livia Junior L4 - 4th in ball, 8th in ribbon and 9th in clubs
Sabrina Junior L3 - 3rd in ball and 4th in ribbon
Tehila U10 L2 - 1st in free
Alina U11 L2 - 2nd in ball
Alexia Junior L2 - 1st in clubs
Saba Junior L2 - 3rd in clubs
Yoana Senior L2 - 1st
Alina Senior L2 - 2nd