A spectacular career, multiple times GBR & ENG champion Saffron Severn retires

Created on:16 November, 2023
Today marks a special moment as we celebrate the incredible journey of our cherished athlete, Saffron Severn. From being a multiple-time…
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Devotion Cup 2023 - International Tournament

Created on:20 May, 2023
Fantastic results for all our gymnasts participating at the 3rd international Devotion Cup! Albina 🥇🥈🥈 Miya 🥇🥈🥈 Junior group…
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February 2023 - Zonal Grades

Created on:08 March, 2023
We are extremely proud of our individual first year junior gymnast Miya for passing the regional Grades, qualifying for Level 4 and for the…
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R.E. 2nd Friendly Tournament

Created on:28 January, 2023
RE 2nd Friendly Tournament We are extremely happy to have hosted our second competition, we’ve got more than 60 gymnasts (level 3 to…
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Performing Arts Clinic at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine

Created on:18 January, 2023
Rhythmic Excellence would like to recommend the Performing Arts Clinic at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, which is conveniently…
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Commonwealth Games - Birmingham 2022

Created on:04 August, 2022
It's with immense pride and happiness that we announce that our senior gymnast Saffron Severn alongside her teammate Alice Leaper (Fylde…
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London Championships

Created on:17 July, 2022
2nd London Championships A successful competition! Well done to our youngest ones at their first competition, great performance and…
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British Championships 2022

Created on:22 May, 2022
Amazing results from all our gymnasts at the most important national event of the season: In the junior category, Rhiann performs fantastic…
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English Championships 2022

Created on:08 May, 2022
Huge congratulations to our senior group for becoming English Vice Champions 2022! Big well done to Adriana, Elizabeth, Amane, Dana and…
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Victory Cup 2022 - Rotterdam NL

Created on:30 April, 2022
Another great experience with a splendid outcome for our gymnasts, huge well done to Miya, Rhiann and Amelie for their brilliant…
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R.E. Friendly Tournament

Created on:22 January, 2022
It has been a great pleasure to host our very first competition! BIG thanks to our BIG Team! Official pictures and results here, enjoy!
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2021 RE Series - Match 3 Final

Created on:11 June, 2021
Great final round of the RE Series 2021! The 3 teams have performed all the 6 routines (free, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon) each and…
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2021 RE Series - Match 2

Created on:08 June, 2021
Great improvements shown by our squad gymnasts! The 3 teams have performed all the 6 routines (free, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon…
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2021 RE Series - Match 1

Created on:14 May, 2021
Wonderful step back to the carpet for our squad gymnasts! The 3 teams have performed all the 6 routines (free, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and…
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2020 Last training of the year, CT, Matches and Season 2020/2021 Squad gymnasts' presentation

Created on:04 January, 2021
Our gymnasts have spent a fun and challenging last training day. Our squad girls have performed their new season routines live on zoom: Dana…
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Created on:20 December, 2020
RE Team wants to Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to Click here to watch the whole video…
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2020 Lilleshall - GBR National Squad Training Camp

Created on:09 November, 2020
Our senior gymnasts had finally the chance to get back to the National Sport Centre for a Squad camp organised in preparation of the 202…
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New Season

Created on:15 August, 2020
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Interview for

Created on:23 June, 2020
We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rebecca Alessi for The interview will be translated soon
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Interrupting Classes - Covid-19

Created on:21 March, 2020
Dear Families and Friends, As you may be aware we made the difficult decision of suspending all Rhythmic Excellence classes until the end of…
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